Are you struggling to persuade buyers into opening their wallets because you don’t know how the brain works?

Everything You Need to Know About Taking Your Buyers Brain on a Ride to Yes! is a Few Paragraphs Away, Even if You Hate Selling and Have Tried it All

In a world of marketing hype, guru fiction and sales bullying, its hard to know what to do to grow your business and who to trust.

Most people toss out rapid fire tactics without explaining the psychology behind it (the why), the reason people will actually buy from you.

Without this information you won’t know what offer or message your buyers will respond to, or how to apply the ridiculously effective power it has to grow your business.

If you understood how the brain is wired and how to flip the yes! switch – without being an obnoxious tool – wouldn’t your strategy work 100% better or be entirely different (in a good way) than what you’re doing today?

Without understanding the simplicity of creating yes’, buyers, fans and opportunities will slip through your fingers and you won’t understand why or worse, you’ll think you’re not cut out for this entrepreneurial thing.

Here’s your opportunity to leverage the inner workings of yes! – what make your buyers give you their email address and their money – so that you easily sell your ideas, products, services and yourself.

The Magic is in the Story…

My digital courses and training are built on 5,000+ years of research, graphs and methods tested and retested for accuracy. Stuffy scholars, industry giants and moguls alike agree that nothing sells as well (without the stress) like story. It’s such a deceptively simple strategy you’ll wonder why you didn’t board the Story train sooner.

I left the magazine publishing world ages ago and in the past 15-years as an entrepreneur I’ve been bullied, shamed, and bamboozled by some pretty big names in the industry. I’ve paid for coaching, joined masterminds and forked over enough money to buy two shiny new rides and a private garage to store them in. All of this is to say, I know there’s a lot of crap out there because I’ve been in the virtual classrooms and webinars and have seen first hand the poor excuse for information you’ve been handed.

My business exists to offer you a better, smarter and more empathetic way to sell your courses, services and products using the psychology of story in your copy, your marketing strategy, persuasion efforts, business ideas, etc. because I believe story isn’t like seasoning that you sprinkle in for taste, it’s a sales strategy.

If you’ve invested a small fortune in courses or training and are tired of ping ponging from one mind numbing promise to another with little to no results for your efforts, your search ends here.

From me you can expect well researched information (over 100 books read, over 150 hours of classroom time learning from the best in the business and over 20 years of trial, error and success ), courses that actually get you from point A to Z, and humor that will have you snorting and possibly peeing your pants a little because marketing and being your own boss is a hoot and a half!

“Liz has x-ray vision and is able to see inside you and find the magic hidden there.  For the first time in years I feel clear, on purpose and completely confident about where I am headed.”


“Liz is gifted at getting to the core of what you do. By participating in her process I was able to walk away with a foundational deep knowing for the value I provide ”


“Liz’ process gave me permission to narrow my focus and do it with authenticity. I feel like I’m finally in touch with the real reason I became a Coach, and have learned to break the ‘business world’ story I was using, and write my very own.”


I love your prolific and hysterical writing!


Thank you for your copy expertise.  You always add unexpected gems!


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