Why don’t You Wednesday: Walking Barefoot in the Grass


Why don’t you…walk barefoot in the grass? I know what you’re thinking, who has the time!  Between cell phones, GPS, social media, online shopping and other distractions and commitments, it can feel like there’s little time for anything except racing to stay caught up or risk being left behind. It’s difficult to grow in any meaningful or lasting way if ... Read More »

7-Tips to Get the Most out of Any Workshop, Conference, Seminar or Event | Part 1


There are only three reasons we ever attend a workshop; to learn something new, to meet quality people, and to gain clarity.  No matter the reason for attending, we all want the same things out of an event and that is to have gotten our money’s worth, to have a fun time and to have our questions answered. As I ... Read More »

How to Tell if your Idea is Great…


Whether you’re a Helper, Feeler or Maker, it’s rare you’re at a loss for ideas.  It happens, but only occasionally.  On the regular, you have notebooks, files and iPhone notes filled with snippets of details for your next great creation. No matter what your creative style; orderly, tidy, organized or ping ponging ideas from one corner of your noggin to another ... Read More »

Why don’t You Wednesday: Take More Breaks


Why don’t you…take more breaks? It’s difficult to stay focused for long periods of time without wringing your creative sponge dry.  Break up your workday into 90/15 increments: work for 90 focused minutes, break for 15 focused minutes. What you do during that 15 minute window is entirely up to you however, something that gets your body moving will accelerate ... Read More »

How to Make a Not-So-New Idea your Own: A Checklist for Creating Better & Different


My first couple of years as a new entrepreneur were tough.  I knew what I could do, and do well, but I didn’t know how to differentiate myself from other consultants – we were all pretty much doing the same thing. After endlessly pinballing* my way through, I finally learned how to take my business idea, twirl it, and create ... Read More »