How to Start an Online Business (Without Going Broke or Wanting to Shoot Yourself)

“I want to quit my corporate job and start an Online Business but I have no idea what to do first, help!”

Back in 2003, I started my online business well, sort of.

I didn’t know a thing about doing business online. I’d just left the advertising world and the only online revenue generating progress we had made were banner ad sponsorships.

Most companies, outside of internet marketing, were trying to figure out how to fully monetize the internet which meant, I knew very little about making money online.

I remember thinking though: If I could make millions offline, I can figure out this online thing, right?

But then…I was living off of credit cards, savings and panic attacks.

The thought of working for someone else, tip toeing around their delicate sensibilities, their time table, their demands, made me throw up in my mouth a little. The steady paycheck…lets just say I missed my weekly blowouts.

I twisted and turned in the black vortex of internet marketing in search of a mentor, an Obi-Won Kenobi to my Luke.

Sadly, after thousands upon thousands of dollars spent, I felt like I was piecing together parts of a disjointed plan with duct tape and hope.

I knew enough about business to know, this didn’t make no kind of sense!

When I finally parted ways with yet another coach who knew as much about making money online as I did, I had an epiphany.

Maybe trying to make money online exclusively, wasn’t my best first move?

And so I created a Service Pathway, a bridge (offering my 1:1 services) from my overextended financial life to the online training business I really wanted, so that I could make money fast and not have to live in the backseat of my Subaru.

In my first month of giving this service thing a whirl, I made $5,000. Mortgage, paid. Whew!

From there, my income kept steadily growing and by the end of that very year, I was in six-figure territory.

If you’re itching to escape your corporate life – even if it means digging your way out with a toothbrush and nail file – then listen closely…


If I could turn back the hands of time, I would’ve outlined a solid plan before I jumped the corporate ship. What can I say, I’m impulsive.

What I’m sharing with you now are the very first steps of your escape plan – the plan I learned through trial and a heap of errors.

The steps are simple. They don’t require you to quit today. Instead, they’re intended to set you up so that when you do resign, you do so with financial peace-of-mind.


Figure out what you’re especially good at and who you work best with because what comes next is putting your experiences, skills and talent to work for you in a whole new way.


Decide if you want to do things that make other peoples lives easier; like design, writing or meal planning. Or, if you want to support people on their journey; like business/career consulting or lifestyle coaching (health, relationships, etc.).


Pull out the ole’ calculator and figure out how much you need to live on and I mean everything, rent/mortgage, insurance, food, car, gas, utilities, taxes, etc.


Based on your answer to Step 2, you’ll want to calculate how many clients you need and how much you need to charge each of them in order to replace your corporate income.


Take what you’re presenting, who you’re presenting it to and create an offer they can’t refuse. This is how you attract an “OMG!, where have you been all my life” client.


Promote, promote, promote. There’s no escaping promotion because the “build it and they will come” notion only works for Hollywood writers…who get paid a pretty penny to write fairy tale stories.

And voila! That’s what you need to know, from a 360 degree perspective, about creating a bridge from your corporate 9-5 to your online headquarters.

There’s more to this, which is why I’m inviting you to go deeper into these 6-doable steps by enrolling in my FREE mini e-course, The FAST Escape Map. It’s the fastest way to replace your corporate income, so you can quit your job and build your online headquarters.

In the map, I show you the entire process from your service pathway (that I outlined above) to your first digital product, to physical products if you eventually want to go down that path.

Enroll here and creep around for more of the goods!


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