OMG, conversation! (and sheets)

Last week I talked about disruption as differentiation.

Most people loved the insight while others argued the concept was an eye roller.

And then a few days ago, FB made an announcement that disrupted its community.

Another FB algorithm change.

Nothing exactly new since FB changes its algorithm almost as often as I change sheets (weekly, in case you’re wondering)!

But the reason for the change is what have people, especially small business owners like us, shaking in their boots.

In a nutshell, Mark wants to leave a legacy his children can be proud of…one that matters on a grander scale.

To that end, he’s rethinking the kind of content that gets pushed on his platform.

From “fake news” and infighting, to…
…meaningful stuff that people are actively engaging with.

What does FB consider meaningful?


This goes for your personal pages.

Your business pages.

And your ads…

What does FB consider actively engaging?


Likes alone still matter but carry less pushable weight.

Same with a simple LOL or emoji comment.

It’s better than crickets but not by much.


Like the kind you have at a dignified party or an all and out rager. The ragier, the better.

There’s more to all of this, there always is…

But the bottom line is that it’s changing how we market on the platform…

…it’s disrupting how we’re currently doing social business.

(Mark, you evil genius)

You have two choices:

1. Freak the frack out and throw stones at the almighty F.B. and papa MZ.
2. Adapt.

I’m going to suggest adapting because in the end, it’s the option you have control over without wasting a lot of time doing number 1 (or having a number 2).

Which leads me to the continuation of last weeks post…

Creating posts and designing ads as conversation starters requires knowing what your people NEED.

And it’s understanding this…

1. Some people need to be seen as trendy, on the cutting edge. They embrace the newest, shiniest thing. From cars to man buns to rubbing elbows with the new guru flavor of the month. They consume in a most obvious and zealous way.

2. Some are less flashy. They plant organic gardens. Prefer walking or riding their bike. And if they must drive, do so in the most economic, earth friendly way possible. They consume too but in a more mindful way.

3. Others need to feel they’re moving up in the world. They don’t want the Tai Lopez red Lamborghini with two bikini blondes on each arm kind of life. They need two-level upgrades. From a blue Hyundai to a grey BMW. From an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 6. From making $40k a year to $75k.

Without knowing what your people need, you won’t stand a chance at having a conversation that means something to them…and gets the FB seal of approval.

This was a much longer post than I intended but a change in climate requires time to explain…

…it also requires time to rethink and adjust your marketing plans for the year.

Today is a good day to get started so that you step into the week looking at your people and how you position your message differently.

Because you can’t just post your random thoughts or rants or lunch platter or follow the uninformed leader.

You’ve got to know your people, know their story and snuggle into their nook if you’re going to want them to give a damn.


PS. My little course (that delivers big ahas), the Mind Meld Method, can help.

PPS. The most disruptive thing you can do is build up our AQ (adaptability quotient) – be nimble in how you bend and snap your message and position, even when you had another plan in mind.

PPPS. I spent most of the weekend with a stellar web media agency (good enough for marketing beast Frank Kern to trust with his ad budget) who were dishing on what FB’s announcement really means. Please don’t get swept up in the doom and gloom rumor mill. FB has upped the ante giving us all the opportunity to exercise more empathy and intelligent creativity in how we spread our message. At least, that’s how I see it…


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