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Don’t Create Another Facebook Poll Until You Read This!

In 2002, The Gap messed up…big time. A move that - from the outside - made perfect sense, resulted in plummeting sales and overhead costs they couldn’t quite meet. It was the beginning of the end…or at least a years-long attempt at getting back their mojo.   The Gap did [...]

OMG, conversation! (and sheets)

Last week I talked about disruption as differentiation. Most people loved the insight while others argued the concept was an eye roller.   And then a few days ago, FB made an announcement that disrupted its community.Another FB algorithm change.Nothing exactly new since FB changes its algorithm almost as often [...]

Tired of being told to “Be You?”

Everyone tells you to Be You. They also tell you to differentiate what you do, but let’s be honest… …being you isn’t a business proposition. And, how many ways can you really differentiate life coaching, business coaching or dog training? It’s frustrating. And so you create charts [...]

When You’re Waiting for Everything to Be Perfect First…

When You’re Waiting for Everything to Be Perfect First. Or Have Bills Paid Off. Or Until You’re Married or Find the Perfect Tufted Ottoman at HomeGoods or are 20 Pounds Lighter and a Lot Less Needy A study* of 31,000 employees across America found that job security was a [...]

Do It Afraid…Even if a Little Pee Comes Out

“I’m sorry I ignored you” the email began. It was 2008. I’m at my home office and this was the email I received from a young woman I met at a marketing conference - she was working on a project for me. I had emailed her one week after our [...]

…these are NOT Business Builders

The Weak, the Lame, the Petty, the Irresponsible, the Needy, the Greedy, the Desperate, the Impatient, the Lazy, the Dim Witted, the Finger Pointers, the Shamers, and the It Wasn’t Me, it Was Them… Yeah, These are NOT Business Builders. Nearly 16-years ago, when I started my first consulting [...]

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