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A is for Authority, Not Asshole

There’s a stench in the air and it’s called conflict. I see it over and over again… Talented, skilled, results giving professionals conflicted with the title of authority. “I’m not an authority or an expert, I’m just someone that’s learned a few things.” The self deprecating sentiment is almost [...]

How Not to Put Your Voice on Mute

Once upon a time, I worked in the high tech industry PAD (pre-advertising-days).  I did my best to fit in with all the tech brainiacs - even wore my hair in a respectable twist, donned dark colors and as little makeup as possible…except gloss, that was and still is a [...]

Non Stinky About Page Opening Lines that Seduce Like Crazy

Pick up lines.You gotta give 'em props for boldness and creativity. Boldness and creativity may not get Rico Suavé a hook up, but it sure goes a long way on your About page.  Remember a while back when I mentioned that I analyzed over 300 websites in search of the [...]

How to be the Next Starbucks

Last week I realized something…I’m rusty! It’s been awhile since I broadcast a Live video and man, I fumbled around like Lucille Ball trying to sneak her way into a Ricky Ricardo show.  Technical glitches and geisha mask aside (lighting woes), when I hit Finish something occurred to [...]

What a Modern Day Shaman Taught me About the Secret to Authenticity

Salvador Dali once said "Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing." I don't like imitation.  Not imitation crab.Not imitation fur (no fur at all, thank you).Not imitation Louis Vuitton handbags.I fall into the original category.Original art.Original music.Original people.But not everyone agrees on what makes people original or [...]

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